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Molly Carpenter - January 20, 2011 10:19 PM (GMT)
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Margaret Katherine Amanda Carpenter
so my name is MARGARET KATHERINE AMANDA CARPENTER as you can see.
i'm 21 and my birthday is 13th of November.
people say i look like AMBER HEARD,
but i'm not too sure. i'm originally from CHICAGO, IL, USA
and i'm here working as a APPRENTICE WIZARD.

baby seasons change but people don‘t

"Molly is an intelligent, brave young woman with an excellent sense of humor (and a penchant for alluring others to take a walk on the wild side), a stubborn streak, a tendency to spite authority and a disturbing amount of curiosity, traits with has more often than not led her into trouble. Confident and resourceful, Molly will combine her knowledge and skills with speed and accuracy. The kind that learns from her mistakes just as much as she relies on theory, she needs to try things out in order to be confident with doing them. A good influence in this direction was Molly's mentor, Harry Dresden, who taught her not just how to do magic, but why to do magic. At first impatient, arrogant, and highly opinionated about the unfairness of the many rules and regulations he was forcing on her, Molly has gained the wisdom to know her boundaries, which has had a huge effect on her development both as a person and as a wizard.

She is a peculiar mix of wild and reasonable – on one side, she was raised to have healthy, wholesome life as a responsible, capable adult (which shows in her ability to accept the consequences of her actions and punishment that may follow, her eating habits, the unyielding devotion to her loves ones, the respect for her parents and how she cares for her siblings, her hardworking nature, how she learned that personal isn't the same as important), and on the other, she is a wild-child at heart, full of lust for life, eager to try everything that catches her eye, who finds much pleasure in shocking people with her intellectual and sexual precociousness, and still has issues with keeping her emotionality and impulsiveness on a leash. Strong, independent and insightful, Molly is, as Harry once described her and Charity, a rose woven of stainless steel, or at least on her way to becoming one.

Molly is physically much like her mother: tall, fair, and built. Her limbs are long and shapely, and her body endowed in beautifully arranged, supple curves. She moves with strength, grace, and beauty, and she makes grown men swoon when she takes a bit of care abut her appearance. However, that doesn't happen very often. While her natural hair color is blond, she has a penchant for changing it every few months, often to colors not seen in nature, and radically changes the style in which she wears it – long to spiky to medium to whatever. She is greatly pierced (earrings, eyebrows, nose, tongue, labret, and others, but she doesn't always wear rings on all of them) and tattooed (a slithering serpent that starts on the left side of her neck curling down to her navel, tribal markings at her neckline, and a set of whirls, loops, and spirals on her right hand and arm).

Her likes include books, science and fantasy fiction, horror, piercings, tattoos, alternative sports, speed, heights, experimentation, motorcycles, classic muscle cars, music, dancing, learning and bettering her skills, coffee, chocolate, caramel, spicy food, colors, anything odd and unusual, goth/punk/geek fashion, the sense of self-worth and accomplishment when she does something right, romance, and tall, dark men, handsome enough in a favorable light and with a taste for long coats.

On the other hand, she dislikes waiting, orders, Barbie and Bratz dolls, pretentious, haughty people, bullies, abusive people, preternatural monsters (vampires and Aos Sν share the first place on her Least Favorite list), people who rely on stereotypes when making their judgments, when she is being underestimated, when people (especially her mother) force their opinions on her, chauvinism, bigotry, all forms of laziness, selfishness, and sloppy kissers.

i'll always be waiting in the backroom

"Margaret "Molly" Katherine Amanda Carpenter was born to Michael and Charity Carpenter as the first of seven they will end up to (Molly affectionately refers to her siblings as "The Jawas"). Her father, a Knight of the Cross, had about a year later rescued her mother, then a misguided magic user, from a dragon named Siriothrax. Their first encounter was fairytale to the end, for it resulted in a love at first sight. Charity vowed to never use magic again, and she committed her life to support her husband in his holy vocation and spring out approximately one child a year after they took a few years' rest upon Molly's birth. As it is normal in such large families, Molly helped her mother with her siblings and housework from a very young age, something she sometimes hated and sometimes loved (like all kids do, especially towards their teens). She was born not only with her mother's looks, but much of her personality as well (which is probably why the two of them clash so often). Alas, one of those traits was not Charity's amazing ability in the kitchen (though she makes a mean cup of coffee).

In her adolescence, Molly's rebellious nature began to show, albeit shyly at first. Aside form her friends, the only witness to these changes was one Harry Dresden, whom she had known for a while thanks to his business association with her father. Molly had always nursed a small crush on him, but at the time, that was no more important than the crush she had on M. Shadows around the same time. During this period, she acquired all sorts of knowledge, experienced her parents would have nightmares about if they had any idea (not that poor Harry was any less disturbed), shamelessly eavesdropped on people to learn what she wanted to know, and got the first three of her piercings. However, she was still afraid enough of her parents to hide this new-found perks the world had to offer and often used the Carpenter family tree-house to change her clothes before leaving or coming back home. The more time passed, the more daring Molly got, and soon enough she had began falling into some serious trouble: she has been arrested on charges of possession of marijuana and ecstasy, which she was caught holding during a police raid on a party, and subsequently sentenced to community service in homeless shelters. Her friends were not much better in that aspect either, most notably her best friend and her at-the-time boyfriend, who were both addicts.

Around the same time, Molly noticed that she was different from other people. The first time her power manifested was one day when her mother had unexpectedly walked in on Molly while she was still wearing her gothy clothes. Molly felt so afraid of Charity's reaction that she just closed her eyes and wished she would sink into the floor...and the next thing she knew, her mother was sitting on the couch close by without even noticing her daughter was around. At first she was very confused, but it didn't take her long to figure out that she was gifted with magic. Being a practical, intelligent girl who knew the power of knowledge, Molly began reading up on the subject, looking for books in the library and at Barnes and Noble, but soon began looking for information trough more alternative channels. She also began to practice, small stuff at first, like lighting candles and making veils. Still, she kept this a secret from everyone, until she messed up bad and used black magic to influence the minds of her best friend and then-boyfriend to instill fear in them when they were tempted to use drugs. This caused her not only to unwittingly hurt both of them, but also made her a beacon for the phobophage fetches that terrorized SplatterCon!!! (a horror movie convention she had been working at with her friends and then-boyfriend at the time), and most importantly, put her in conflict with the Laws of Magic, and thus the White Council.

Naturally, the one who figured it all out was Harry Dresden. He was the one who fixed what could've been fixed in the mess Molly made, as well as explain to her the kind of trouble she had gotten herself into. Realizing the amount of harm she had done to so many people with her well-intentioned interference, Molly agreed to accept the consequences of her actions and face the judgment of the White Council. She was practically sentenced to death the second her case had become known, but Harry stalled the trial long enough for Ebenezar McCoy, Martha Liberty, and Injun Joe (members of the White Council who Merlin deliberately tried to keep away from this particular trial, knowing they would support Harry) to show up, along with Michael Carpenter. With their help, Dresden managed to keep Molly from the Council's death penalty. Instead, the Doom of Damocles (an equivalent to probation) was placed on her. Because Harry has vouched for her, if Molly violates any of the Seven Laws again, he will also share the death penalty with her, making this the second time he's been under the Doom of Damocles.

In order to guide Molly's magical development and ensure that she doesn't violate the laws again, Harry agreed to accept Molly as his apprentice. As it turned out, Molly's talents lay in a much different direction than that of Harry's. While Harry is more of a "magical thug", with a lot of raw power but comparatively little fine control, Molly has been described as "sensitive". This means that she has a gift for subtle stuff, especially things that involve the mind and emotions (neuromancy and psychomancy). She can feel when people die and she picks up a lot of information when using her abilities. She is extremely good with delicate magical stuff, and extremely bad at handling the psychic stress and gross physical interaction of magical combat (because sensitive magic makes her sensitive to other magic being used around her and, as such, Molly is rather ineffective during combat, though she has proven she can hold her own well. In short, she is an excellent support mage, but she'll probably never serve on the front lines with combat mages). It was this talent that allowed her to use dangerous, complicated mind manipulation magic without any training, and it likely plays a role in her being able to create even better veils than Harry himself, as well as a few of the Wardens, and makes Molly exceptionally talented at raising Veils around herself and others.

All this is why Harry had to take a special approach to teaching her, as he had to cover a lot of ground he never needed before for her sake. This in turn has had a positive effect on him, because it meant he too got more practice. During the apprenticeship, Molly was a part of pretty much everything Harry went trough at the time, since she was practically living at his place. Trough endless hours of study, working in Harry's lab, and all the opportunities for practical training living with Harry Dresden can provide, her knowledge of magic became quite impressive, her powers and control have grown, and it became obvious that she has enormous potential. However, she has show to still be drawn to the darker aspects of magic, but she fights it with all she has, not wanting to become one of the things she helped Harry battle over the years. Their relationship has always been rather friendly and easy in that aspect, though Harry has been known to be exceptionally stern to his little "grasshopper" when the need would arise.

The only problem that arose between them during this time were Molly's lingering romantic feelings towards Harry, but he cut her off not only from thinking they would be doing anything except magic together (actually, he pour gallons of ice-cold water all over her when she offered herself to him; it was super-effective). He also forbade her from more sexual exploration, both with others and on her own, at least until she got yourself grounded because "sex makes things complicated and, for her, that could be bad". And so, Molly remains "technically" a virgin. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have emotions or desires. Despite Harry's best efforts, you can't just delete so many years of romantic devotion, and even though Molly very much notices all the handsome men she meets, Harry is and probably always be very special in her emotional life. However, that is not very high on Molly's priority list at the moment. She knows that she will soon become fully ready to start working in the field, and that is where her primary energy is going right now.

i'm boring but overcompensate

"my name is SARCASTIC PUMPKIN. and i am
27, i have been rp-ing for 6-7 YEARS
years. and just so you know i'm a FEMALE
and i also play KARRIN MURPHY. you can contact me by PM/AIM/MSN
and i found this site by LOOKING UP AN ADD YOU POSTED ON ANOTHER RPG SITE. and here is my rp sample.

Hayden stood in front of her students at the shooting range area, mostly first-years, but also some from the second and third. They were seated on benches, each with a gun in his or her hand – guns that looked like toys when compared to the one she carried in her hand. All the boys were eying it with unhidden admiration, which was not surprising because the image of a beautiful woman dressed in black leather with a powerful gun in her hand tended to give males all sorts of interesting ideas.

"Those of you who have seen Snatch or who are hip hop fans, have surely heard of this baby here," she said, showing off the gun in her hand. The students followed her moves and listened to her words with extreme attention as Hayden continued with today's lecture: "This, ladies and gentleman, is the Desert Eagle Mark XIX, .50 Action Express, also known as Deagle or D-Eagle. It is a semi-automatic, gas-operated sport pistol, mainly used for target shooting and hunting, and by far one of the most powerful guns ever made." Hayden too a stance and quickly shoot five rounds at the target. The man drawn on it got one bullet in the head, left shoulder, chest, abdomen and groin.

There were sighs full of excitement and admiration. Her students were obviously impressed by her skills. "Sexy, right?" she asked her students with a smirk, and all of them nodded. And that's when Hayden turned cold, serious and professional. "Wrong!" she boomed loudly, surprising her students, "The Desert Eagle is too heavy, poorly balanced, and costs way more than it's worth. There are a dozen other handguns that can do just as good a job while using better cartridges and not severely damage your wrists, aim and wallet. Its recoil is harsh, it has a tendency to stovepipe when the shooter limp-wrists, and it is nothing more but an unnecessarily powerful, over-glorified novelty gun used by macho idiots who don't know crap about guns. The only reason I am able to use it right is because I've been handling firearms for eleven years now, and I'm still gonna have sore wrists for days because of this demonstration."

The silence that followed was what you would call dead.

"The guns I gave you are the example of lighter, better and more practical weapons you can use - standard police issue .40 cal Glock, Model 23, and that's what we'll use for handgun target practice in this class," she announced. The disappointment was clear on the students' faces. "You seam to forget, boys and girls, that what it takes to kill, for example, a Werewolf, is a silver bullet to the heart – an the size of the bullet is completely irrelevant. We deal with the supernatural, people – the important thing is that our weapons function perfectly and that we know how to use them, not how they look!" she scorned them for their foolishness, "The life of a Hunter is not glamorous. It's not Constantine-slash-2Fast2Furious. It's hard, ungrateful and dangerous, and those who do not understand that are also the ones who die first. Precision and practicality is what will keep you alive, not power, so make up your minds: do you want a gun that looks cool, or do you want a gun that won't betray you when your life depends on it?"

It seamed they understood the gravity and truth of their teacher's words, because most of them looked quite ashamed by their earlier silliness. Hayden allowed a small pause to let her words really sink in and then smiled kindly to her class. "Now, your Weapons teacher assured me you know enough about guns to be let out on the shooting range, and I will give you a chance to prove him right. I want each of you to take a target and shoot at it six times. Take your time – this is our first training and I just want to see what you've learned so far," she told them and clapped her hands, "Go!" The students obeyed, nudging each other and joking around, friends betting friends on who will do better, making it all a fun event rather than serious business.

Hayden smiled warmly, following the students with her eyes. They were sometimes a source of trouble, irritation, grief...but also a source of happiness. They were why she loved her job. It was ironic, really, how much better she interacted with teenagers now than she did when she too was a teen. She wondered if her life would've been happier if she was this good back then, and felt bitterness creep up on her like it always did in moments such as these. But then she heard the sound of footsteps approaching, so she brushed her thoughts aside and turned around to greet her surprise visitor with a smile.

Adrina Blake - January 20, 2011 10:35 PM (GMT)
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